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About the ARID Conferences

The ARID Cluster has undertaken the organization and realization of a series of Conferences, aimed at the presentation and dissemination of the Cluster results, as well as at developing the interaction between the three individual Projects and promoting the sharing of results and methodologies.

The three Conferences will present the research outcomes of the three Projects towards the development of integrated water resources management strategies to the public in a series of successive steps.

  • The initial step, presented in La Palma of the Canary Islands, involves the identification and analysis of traditional and new instruments that are or can be used for the management of water resources in Arid Regions.
  • The second step, presented in Sicily, focused on the development of Management Strategies using such instruments, reflecting the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management, for regions facing water scarcity.
  • The third and final step, presented in Cyprus, will be the attempt to relate these Strategies to Water Policy.


Santa Cruz de la Palma
1-4 February 2004

Palermo, Sicily
8-9 October 2004

12-13 May 2005




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