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The ARID Conference Coping with
Drought and Water Deficiency:
From Research to Policy Making”
is organised in Cyprus on May 12th and 13th 2005.



Advanced Study Course SUSTAINIS



Actions in support of the cluster will be:

  1. A steering committee, composed of the three project coordinators, will manage and oversee the implementation of the common tasks. The chair of the committee will be agreed at its first meeting, and will rotate on an annual basis. The Commission will be invited to attend meetings of the committee. The committee will provide a report to the Commission on progress on the common tasks every 12 months. The first meeting of this steering committee will take place during the scheduled month 6 meeting of WaterStrategyMan.

  2. A joint symposium involving all 3 projects will take place in 2005.

  3. The Arid web site to support the clustering activity has been launched at the National Technical University of Athens. It holds information about the three research projects and provides updates on research progress, dissemination events etc.

  4. Where there are clear overlaps between the projects' workpackages in terms of methodology or research objectives, more involved forms of collaboration will be explored. This is particularly relevant to the work being undertaken on socio-economic determinants of water use, appropriate governance structures, and some aspects of the modelling work.

  5. Each of the three projects will extend an open invitation to the members of the other consortia to attend their project meetings.

  6. The co-ordinators of the 3 projects will work to identify and exploit common dissemination and exploitation opportunities (e.g. publications).

  7. The three projects in the cluster will explore opportunities for additional funding to support collaborative activities in the areas of dissemination and exploitation.

  8. If appropriate additional relevant projects could be included in a latter phase.

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